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Logo for job Senior B2B Content Marketing Manager (f/m/d)
locationMunich, Germany
PublishedPublished: 8/30/2022
Logo for job 
      Marketing Specialist - Team Leader (f/m/d)
CompanySpeedinvest Heroes Consulting GmbH
location1020 Vienna, Austria
PublishedPublished: 9/22/2022
Logo for job Business Development Manager (f/m/d)
PublishedPublished: 9/6/2022
Logo for job Software Engineering Manager REMOTE (f/m/d)
locationStavanger, Norway
PublishedPublished: 9/21/2022
Logo for job Full Stack Engineer (f/m/d)
locationKreisfreie Stadt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
PublishedPublished: 9/21/2022
Logo for job Senior Full-Stack Developer (f/m/d)
PublishedPublished: 9/20/2022

Boost your learning curve, you might not even be aware of the full list of skills you possess!

Why work in a startup?

It's not just hype, startups will generate 45% of new jobs in Europe in 2021. Are you looking for a change? Embrace the challenge. You already worked in one and you just want to change the field? Have a look at the opportunities on our website!

Flexibility of working

You are encouraged to manage your own time and tasks. In a startup in teams that are not hierarchical, you have the opportunity to advance quickly. Prepare to be part of the decision-making process when it comes to product development, strategies, and best practices!

Fast-paced environment

The work can differ from day-to-day and your roles and tasks can change entirely from one week to the next. The reason is that some processes are being done for the very first time. You will be given responsibility for getting tasks done and deciding on how they get done.

Transparency in communication

Communication between the employees and the founders/management is open and transparent. Short and simple. Feedback is appreciated as a means to validate assumptions and understand the customers and improve processes. The biggest mistake you can do in the startup ecosystem is to avoid conflicts.

Who is behind Startup Jobs? Startup Jobs is the brand new job platform for startups powered by Verve Ventures and Swiss startups may now leverage this powerful collaboration to reach qualified candidates across the European talent market. The focus of Startup Jobs is on two things: Swiss startup jobs and European remote opportunities.


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Job posting is now free till the end of 2022! 

Job posting is now free till the end of 2022! 

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Meet Valerie Baar-Baarenfels , Head of Talent from Airbank

Meet Valerie Baar-Baarenfels , Head of Talent from Airbank

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